Ultimate Software Diagnostics

Sick and tired of your software teams never being able to get anything accomplished? Or when they do, it’s buggy or only partially implemented? There’s a better way, and this package is the full-service, white glove treatment that you’re looking for.

Designed from the ground up to be a continuous diagnosis and remediation feedback loop, the Ultimate package was created to overhaul your entire software development life cycle when there’s either very large, complex systems, or legacy products that need to carefully be diagnosed and remediated or replaced.

More than only a diagnosis and report, we bring an expert team to your company to work alongside your staff to bring stability and high quality development and training so that your company can work faster and so that your software supports your business goals. As our experts help, we continue to rerun diagnoses so that we can ensure that your company’s goals are being met.

Because this is a full remediation process from start to finish, this package is priced as a monthly retainer and depends on what you need, and how quickly you need it. Please contact us with the form below to discuss your situation so we can provide accurate pricing for you.

Here’s How It Works

1. Overview

First up, we get an overview of your business by interviewing key people and discussing what you do.

We also gather all relevant code, diagrams, and assets into a secure data room for analysis.

2. Analysis

Next, we check each item in our proprietary checklist to measure how well your business is implementing best practices.

Think of it like a doctor checkup or a home inspection.

3. Report

After our thorough analysis, we present clear findings and next steps to a business and technical person.

We arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best possible business decisions, and we provide options for remediation of issues that come up.

Get Started Now

Save your time, money, and sanity

Our thorough yet friendly process boosts productivity, teamwork, and revenue. Send us a message through this quick form and we’ll contact you to get started.

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Interested in a Different Package?

[pricingtable title=”TOP 100 AUDIT” price=”$5,000″ per=”ONE-TIME” btn=”SELECT TOP 100″ link=”/package/top-100″]
  • Top 100 Items
  • Brief software audit for small business and startups
  • Focused on maintainability and quality
  • Executive summary
  • Technical summary
  • Clear analysis of your business
  • Explanation of next steps
  • Meetings via video or teleconference
[pricingtable title=”SMALL BUSINESS” price=”$15,000″ per=”ONE-TIME” btn=”SELECT SMALL BUSINESS” link=”/package/small-business”]
  • Full Audit of 250+ Items
  • Thorough software audit for small businesses and startups
  • 12+ categories including teamwork and productivity
  • Executive summary
  • Technical summary
  • Complete look into your software development
  • Detailed analysis of business impact
  • Meetings via video and teleconference
[pricingtable title=”PREMIUM” price=”$35,000″ per=”ONE-TIME” btn=”SELECT PREMIUM” link=”/package/premium”]
  • Full Audit with Team Focus
  • Thorough software audit for medium and large businesses
  • 12+ categories tuned for teams and mature companies
  • Executive summary
  • Technical summary
  • Complete look into your software development
  • Detailed analysis of business and systems
  • On-site workshopping and discovery