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Let's Build Better Software

Your company makes software. We make it excel, with faster delivery, fewer bugs, and better teamwork.

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Here’s How It Works

1. Research

First up, we get an overview of your business by interviewing key people and discussing what you do.

We also review all relevant source code, diagrams, and any other assets.

2. Evaluate

Next, we evaluate your software and your business, and measure how well your business is implementing best practices.

We use our decades of experience building SaaS products to bring you the best insights.

3. Optimize

After our thorough evaluation, we present clear findings and next steps to a business and technical person.

Then, we offer full service to help you optimize your software by implementing our next steps.


Your business can’t afford slow, broken software.

Our software optimization process finds any issues so you can be ridiculously confident in your business, scale faster, and make more money.

[featurebox icon=”fa fa-rocket” title=”Productivity”]Not just caffeine and long hours[/featurebox][featurebox icon=”fa fa-cubes” title=”Stability”]100% uptime and error-free[/featurebox]
[featurebox icon=”fa fa-hand-o-right” title=”Maintainability”]Built with the future in mind[/featurebox][featurebox icon=”fa fa-smile-o” title=”Usability”]Don’t forget, people have to use it![/featurebox]
[featurebox icon=”fa fa-users” title=”Teamwork”]Greater than the sum of its parts[/featurebox][featurebox icon=”fa fa-lock” title=”Security”]Don’t let the bad guys wreck your day[/featurebox]


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Hi, I’m Jordan Ambra, owner of Serenity Software. Let’s schedule a brief, action-packed free 15-minute call to see if we should work together.

I’ll ask you some questions about your company, answer questions about how we can help your business, and see if we would be a good fit. 15 minutes or less, and you will get at least one massive insight into your company and software.